5 Ways to Make Summer Amazing

With the exception of the famous bipolar climate of the Midwest, most of us are enjoying summer weather on a fairly consistent basis.

While you probably can’t go all play and no work like you did in your days of youth, there are ways to enjoy one of the best seasons of the year. Here are five ways to make summer amazing.

1. Throw a Bar-b-cue.


Sometimes it is easier to attend someone else’s summer gathering than to throw your own. Hosting a bar-b-cue is a great way to gather your favorite people together for summer fun. Instead of hosting an event at your home, consider hosting it at a roof top venue. Hosting a party at a venue also cuts down the amount of preparation and clean up. Many venues charge less for weekday events. Ask a local hip-hop or spoken word artist to perform at your gathering. This will give your event more excitement.

2. Go to the beach.

happy couple on the beach

If you are in a geographic location where going to the beach once a week is an option, take advantage of it. However, if you don’t plan ahead, heading to the beach can feel like a chore. Keep a beach tote in your trunk that includes a fresh towel, flip flops, snacks, your favorite book, and sunscreen. Though you may have melanin in your skin, it is still important to use sunscreen. Most cities that are near the water have a vast coastline. Pick one of your favorite spots and go there often.

3. Join an exercise group.

two men doing indoor biking

By joining an exercise group, you are creating a great opportunity to meet new people while maintaining your fitness and health goals. You can find specific groups for your workout interest through platforms such as Meet-Up.  You can also create your own group by inviting friends and coworkers to join you. Make sure to load your IPod with great workout tunes geared specifically towards your time at the gym or your daily run.

4. Plan ahead.

office things/a calendar and a pen

Many cities host movies in the park and festivals during the summer months. Most of these events are free. Look up dates in your local area for outdoor festivals and gatherings in major parks. Make a note of the events and concerts that you are interested in attending and send out the list to friends. This will allow you to put the dates on your calendar in advance. There is nothing worse than hearing that your favorite artist had a concert nearby and you missed it. Also, be prepared for the summer festivities to overlap into the fall as September is also a popular month for outdoor events. Planning at least one event in September will make for an easier transition into the fall season.

5) Be safe.

Bright future

Though the summertime is always a great season to look forward to, make sure to enjoy it responsibly. Choose a driver that is designated to drive you home if you need. Also, keep at least one car service app on your phone just in case you need to call for a ride after an event. Always stay alert when among large groups of people. There is no need to stay until the end of every event. Sometimes it is fine to leave a bit early, especially if it is a crowded venue.

Eraina Ferguson is a writer currently penning a memoir about raising a daughter with special needs. You can learn more about her at: