Study Shows Guys Are More Likely To Look For A Relationship After One Night Stand

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So choose them well, ladies. 

According to a new study on singles in America from ages 18-35, guys are more likely to agree to a relationship after a one-night stand. I guess this means that performance means everything for your future after all?

The study interviewed over 5,000 guys and dolls about their opinions on dating, sex, love and gender equality, and the results are actually shocking. The survey results reveal that the struggle to find love and good sex is real and that social media plays a big role in getting laid and finding love. If you thought that everyone’s concern about finding their partner was just something that needed to be done to please your parents, then think again.

On Dating Apps

As if the increase of dating apps and products were not enough for you, 57% of “millennials” are more likely to create a dating profile than any other generation. This is because they are 177% more likely to feel the pressure of getting married.

Man Up, yo!

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Good news (& thank God!) The fuckboi trend may be dying down as 68% of men want to find love this year!  However, 73% of guys still believe that good sex is the key to love. So make sure you have good bedside manners, ladies.

What Turns On Men The Most?

Female Entrepreneurs!

Netflix and Chill Will Be Trademarked Soon

However, binge watching T.V is still in the lead. 277% of survey participants think it’s hot to binge watch a television show.

On Where To Find Love

43% say that laundromats are the new speed dating venues. Also