Street Talk: Male birth control on horizon

By// Kendra D. Cusic

New research is being conducted on the long-awaited development of a male birth control pill. For years there has been debate on the subject. Scientists are now taking major steps to give people more contraceptive options with the only potential side effect thus far being weight loss. To find out more on this discovery pick up the latest JET magazine and flip to the News section. wanted to know how people felt about the possibility of a male birth control pill and whether folks would actually use it. We took to the streets to get your feedback on the issue.

Jonathan, 23

“I’ll be willing to try it out as long as it doesn’t have any extreme side effects. I think it’s a good idea though. If a man is using it and a girl is using it then [I feel like] the birth control will be more effective.”

Delisa, 23

“I think male birth control is an excellent idea because it makes both parties responsible for what they’re doing. It’s no longer solely the woman’s responsibility to take birth control.”

Jason, 27

“No, because with everything comes side effects. Everyone reacts differently to everything. I figure if it’s meant for someone to get pregnant, it’s meant to happen.”

Anthony, 44

“I would probably not use it. For one, if one of the side effects is losing weight, obviously I don’t need to lose any more weight because I’m already skinny. I don’t think I would need it because I’m married and we pretty much have taken care of not having anymore children, we have three kids now.”

Ben, 22

“When it comes to that it would depend on my stage in life, if I was ready to get pregnant with my wife or what have you. If I were a college student, I would definitely consider it. [Regarding] the weight loss, it would depend on how much it would be, but I would definitely consider it.”

Billy, 20

“I would because it’s just good to know you’re not just depending on someone else to be responsible.”

Alexis, 18

“I’m not sure if it would be used as much as it probably should just because there’s not a lot of information out there about it.”

Matt, 20

“I fully support male birth control. I think it would be really important because it does not set all the pressure for preventing a child in the hands of one person. I think it’s a shared responsibility at that point.”

Jill, 18

“I think guys would take the pill; it would be nice if they did. My boyfriend said if they ever made one he would use it.”

Dora, 24

“I think guys would use it because it’s just being more proactive to not have children. A lot of guys don’t [want] children right now—it will help. If the girls use it, I think the guys would want to use it as well.”

Jessy, 21

“I would definitely encourage my partner to use it. I’m all about birth control. If there is one available for males why wouldn’t they use it too?”

Mike, 19

“If my partner wanted me to use it I would. Just because it’s safer [in terms of preventing an unwanted pregnancy] and it makes more sense.”