An STI-Detecting Condom?

It is without a doubt that the upcoming generation is one of creative innovation.

If you had any second thoughts, direct your attention to budding teens in the UK, who created a color-coded condom that can detect if your partner has a STD.

It could all be possible with the S.T. EYE “smart” condom intended to offer people an alternative way of knowing their status. The concept was designed by 13 and 14 year-old London Isaac Newtown Academy students.

The condom uses a built-in indicator that changes hues when it comes in contact with bacteria and infections and includes a color-coding system that gives insight to the type of STI.

Although it’s a unique concept, the S.T.EYE condom isn’t on the market. However, the UK-based teens won the top health and innovation prize at the Teen Tech Awards in addition to a trip to Buckingham Palace and some cash.

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