Steph Curry Covers GQ Style

What a warrior wears to work. 

Golden State Warrior Point Guard Steph Curry is the latest player to cover GQ Style’s May Issue. In the lengthy feature and 10 page spread we learn that Steph Curry plays well when he’s in a “joyous” mood.

Just in time for the NBA Finals, the article highlights the super human abilities of Curry that would seemingly go against his performance, but only add to the mystique and grandness of his skill. Apparently, on a good day he can shoot 80+ consecutive 3-pointer shoots in a row.

Here’s what else we learn about the player of the century from his coaches and family members who know well..

Photo Credit: GQ Style

On Technique And Practice

“Steph has an almost superhuman ability to micro-self-correct on his own,” Fraser adds. “But then if one of us says, ‘Try this,’ he’s able to process the change faster than anyone I’ve ever seen. He’s the most educable player I’ve ever known—both in terms of his willingness to listen and in his ability to absorb and execute.”


On Being Joyful

“One, because everything is so easy for him. And two, because he’s got this childlike quality, which can cause him to lose focus more than some of the others. The thing is, even though this ‘kid’ in him sometimes hurts him, it’s also his best quality, because it makes him joyful. And when Stephen Curry is joyful, he is an assassin.

Photo Credit: GQ Style

On Last Year’s Lost And Disappointing The NBA

“I gave it a lot of thought, and it was like a recurring nightmare for a while,” Curry tells me. “But then, you know, you live your life and do your thing.”

On Speaking Out Against The Donald Trump Scandal

“Curry spent an entire day on the phone with various Under Armour personnel, “pursuing clarification about what was going on” and “making sure everybody knew where everybody else stood on the issue.” By which he meant, as he tells me now, “If I had come to the conclusion that the leadership of the company was not in line with my core values, and vice versa, I would have jumped off that platform.” That is to say, Curry would have walked away from his most prominent and lucrative corporate endorsement—reportedly worth $32 million through 2024.”

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