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Shirt …Off: Ayesha Curry Brags On Her Shirtless Hubby Steph Curry

NBA star Steph Curry has a lot to celebrate.

The Golden State Warriors point guard took home the NBA Championship this year, and he has a lovely wife who adores him. In fact, Ayesha Curry is so into Steph that she not only posted an image of him topless at the beach but included a nice little note on her Instagram account Wednesday.

“Candid and all mine,” the meal kit delivery service entrepreneur wrote. “Thank you, Lord! Appreciate what God blesses you with ladies.”

“Can’t keep my hands to myself”😍💁🏽 … Selena couldn’t have said it better,” she continued. “Oh my heart. Oh my glory. Oh my Waikiki. Oh my yay area. OH! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 #MCE national husband appreciation day/ he’s gonna get me for this one.”

Ayesha reminds us that if you can’t be proud of who you’re with, then you may want to rethink being with them.

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