Stay Strong, Kehlani

Depression is nothing to overlook. Mix that with celebrity, romances and social media, and you have a recipe for totally going inward and allowing your problems to further manifest.

Singer and songwriter Kehlani Parrish has never held her tongue about her rough upbringing as detailed in the below 2014 interview.

Her music explores her past and current pains, troubled relationships and longing for loyalty. She’s been an open book with her fans and followers from the moment she hit the scene with her first mixtape, Cloud 19, in 2014, which she followed up with her debut album, You Should Be Here.

Part of her instant rise to the public eye included her relationship with OVO artist, PartyNextDoor or PND. The couple’s relationship and tumultuous break-up played across social media and soon after, the now 20-year-old singer began dating Cavalier baller, Kyrie Irving.

Adoration for each other was on full display. From the outside looking in, Kyrie and Kehlani appeared happy and in love. Her career was blossoming, and she was recently nominated for a Grammy. Was she finally reaching a space of pure happiness and stability?


Apparently not. Something changed outside of the public eye and made its way to the forefront of social feeds and insults. Kehlani, who sports unique tattoos across her hands, arms, neck and legs, was pictured in the bed next to her ex.


Social media jumped at the opportunity to issue a slew of memes, joking about the situation and referring to the singer as a “thot”. Some even used her song “Loyal” against her. But following the bombardment of attacks, Kehlani, who has a robust following, was no where to be found…until this morning when she posted an image of her in the hospital with PND at her side.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 2.33.06 PM

She wanted to end her life.


Suicide should never be the answer, and it’s sad to see one with ambitious youthfulness, talent and a field of dreams ahead consider such a permanent decision. She’s currently listed in stable condition at the hospital.

Stay up, Kehlani, and know that a scandal will be that, and social media will continue to be a gift and curse. You have to find a source of comfort and become in love with you – flaws and all. Do not rely on another to define your happiness. The starting point comes from within.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 11.55.08 AM

Self check: We often look at people in the spotlight and assume their lives are everything exposed in the photos – adventurous, glamorous, easy and filled with endless possibility. Rarely is the full picture ever shown until something tragic strikes. It is then when the person, who settles in the night, is confronted with the truth of their being as it pours into day. We all go through our mess – privately and publicly. Such is life. As humans, we need to focus on working through. Unfortunately, we’re losing too many young lives while screaming out, “lives matter”. Don’t allow any situation or flesh make you feel as if your presence is no longer needed in the world. Care for and love yours.