Spring Cleaning: 5 Things You Need To Get Rid Of In Your Closet

Try the Marie Kondo method to get these items out of your life for good! 

Marie Kondo, the Japanese organizational and declutter guru, has “sparked joy” in millions of people’s lives because of her techniques and philosophies that are so easy to follow.

Simply ask yourself for each item in your home, “Does this spark joy in my life?” Yes, it’s basically talking to each item in your home. This essentially will lead to the art of tidying up! (Side note: last November, I got my apartment decorated by an interior designer and I’m convinced that all she did was tidy up my apartment and put things away and gave my trinkets an official place, that now it takes me 45 minutes to clean my entire apartment. )

Anyway, so you talk to each item and if doesn’t make you feel anything, throw it out! Simply get rid of it!  The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo was released sometime last year and it keeps re-appearing on the New York Times best-selling list. The book not only shows you how to tidy up, it also goes over how to fold different garments.

Here are Five Things You Need To Get Rid Of Right Now.

Old Magazines & Books

Fashion people love magazines, but they take up so much space. Only keep issues that you truly love, and throw away those that don’t spark joy. Use your magazine stacks as alternative surfaces around your living space.

Tee Shirts

Tee shirts can really take up a lot of space in your drawers. There’s no need to have an endless supply of white tees, fellas.  Go through each tee shirt and ask yourself, “Does this spark joy in my life?”

Stained Linen and Bedding

Old sheets and towels are already space eaters. Throw away stained and old linens. It’s okay to have two sets of everything if you’re not living with The Adams Family.

Kitchen Ware

OMG tubberware literally gets in the way of everything and it’s actually really hard to store. Get rid of the build up of takeout containers to free up space.

Under The Bed & Closets

Shoes, old jackets, old sports gear and other items usually stored under the bed and in closets are items that are collecting dust and taking up too much space. Go through each item with the Marie Kondo Method.