Spring Clean Your Way To Money In The Bank

Candace Young (Tika Sumpter)

Sell your clothes online.

Spring clean your way to money in the bank when you sell your unwanted, gentle worn clothes online. According to a new report by online second -hand clothing store ThredUp, the online second-hand market is a $18 billion dollar industry.

More people are buying and selling their clothes online to not only make extra cash, but to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

When you Marie-Kondo your wardrobe- meaning get rid of things that do not spark joy in your life, you can upload the results directly to your selling platform of choice and expose your past treasures to potential buyers. This is how you make bank. If you are feeling indifferent about buying used clothing than hear this, 94% of women say they rarely buy clothing that’s not reduced in price, according to thredUp. Don’t even get bougie, everyone shops the sale rack!

Here are the sites you need to sell your stuff on like right now.

Benefits: A community of fashionistas around the country that are willing to offer advice and transparency about their new and used goodies they have on their page. One mom even made $500K in sales! Also, the seller has more control over the sales percentage especially for lower priced items like jeans and tees. Meaning, you can set your own price!

The Real

This is the online consignment shop for designer items. Sell your high priced items on this site and make bank. It’s not suggested to sell items like sunglasses and tees and silk blouses because you won’t get as much as you paid for it.

*Pro Tip: Separate the items you can sell online and make top dollar off of from the items you can just sell on ebay in a clothing lot!

Vestiaire Collective

This is a international marketplace of luxury where you can find one-of-kind designer pieces. The site pre-authenticate’s every item. The consignor’s fee is similar to The Real Real, around 40% off total sales. They will also take in designer items that need repairs! Once you sell over $10,000, your consignor value increases to 70%.

It’s the new app on the block that you can upload your clothing directly from Instagram feed. A lot of celebs are on it too! Benefits of shopping and selling stuff on this app’s platform is that everything is totally ON TREND, so you don’t have to waste time sifting through BS yard sale stuff you will probably have to do on Ebay.

Speaking of , Ebay, this is perhaps the OG of the selling on the internet, but harder to find authentic goodies. Plus, you run the risk of getting scammed. However, it is still easy to sell all of your clothes in lots. You also get to keep 100% off the sales.

*Pro Tip: Packaging is everything. Think of how excited you get when the postal person comes with a present for you!

Start Your Own Shopify Store

If none of the above is appealing, start your own business selling your unwanted clothes, your family’s  unwanted clothes and everyone else related. People are generally lazy and will just throw their clothes in the trash or keep them in storage for years. However if you are willing to do them a favor of taking that extra weight out of their life, it will make you bank in the long run . A shopify store is like $15 a month. With a little social media marketing, your entertainment budget will be set for life.