Some facts about African-Americans and international travel

By // Maureen Jenkins

  • African-Americans spend a whopping $40 billion annually on travel (including group and leisure travel, incentives and meetings) within the United States, according to Black Meetings & Tourism Magazine.
  • A 2008  Diversity Affluence/UPTOWN Magazine survey of 25-to-44-year old African-Americans earning $75,000/year or more found 70 percent have a passport. And they’re not afraid to use it. One-third of them travel abroad at least three times a year, and 10 percent say they travel internationally at least every other month.
  • American travelers overall spent about $112.4 billion while traveling in foreign countries during 2008, says Black Meetings & Tourism Magazine. It’s estimated that 7-8 percent of that amount was spent by African-Americans.
  • Among the most popular overseas destinations with readers of Paris; London; Madrid, Spain; the Caribbean; and South America, especially Brazil. //