Soledad O’Brien and Eve Kick Off Salon Sessions


The second installment of  Salon Sessions kicks off with Soledad O’Brien and featured guest, Grammy-award winning rapper/songwriter, Eve. The monthly event is sponsored by The XX Project, a group of industry leading ladies that produce a variety events to inspire and offer support to women pursuing  their professional goals.

The dinner series offers attendees a space to candidly discuss their experiences with the particular guest speaker.

“By doing this, we are creating a network of strong successful females across various industries and helping to foster growth professionally, personally and philanthropically. It creates not only a community to bolster our current efforts but allows unique opportunities for collaborations across the spectrum,” said Michelle Edgar, Founder of The XX Project.

Tuesday, April 30, O’Brien will discuss the personal and professional development of Eve. Since her 1999 debut, Eve has been able to navigate the music industry effortlessly and  has expanded her brand, which has ranged from a partnership with MAC cosmetics in 2007 to various roles on studio motion pictures. The rapper’s fourth studio album, Lip Lock is due out this May.

“I’m thrilled to be part of the launch of xx–and to moderate a conversation with Eve–a brilliant and creative woman whose story will resonate with all women. There is nothing more powerful than women helping other women succeed,” said O’Brien.

Those who would like to attend can purchase tickets here. The evening with Eve will take place at New York City’s No.8 (357 W. 16th St., NY, NY).