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Stomping the Yard: #SoGone For Goals

Have you ever tried leaving the house without first handling your very basic, hygiene-related necessities? You know like those very necessary, keeping you from insulting the environment (and those you might encounter) type of things?

Even if you are just running to the store or up the street for a quick errand, if we’re wise, we dare not forsake the value of what we learned as children. Nope, we’re supremely intelligent enough to avoid crossing the threshold of our dorms and apartments, keys in hand, without first at least brushing our teeth and grabbing a washcloth.

Despite what’s seemingly a declining value in how we choose to look, what we choose to wear and how we wear things, I maintain there’s yet a proper decorum one should exude at all times. Moreover, there’s a certain upkeep we should happily display to the outside world, particularly in professional environments. There are certain things reserved for the comfort of our own homes versus what we choose to wear, say and do once outside said comfort.

And just as many of us have been raised to respect our own selves and others personally, we’ve too been taught the importance of achieving educational success right?

Well, not only should you avoid running to your early morning class without at least handling your personal hygiene, I want to encourage you to avoid running away from what I pen here as, your educational hygiene. Ultimately, my point is nestled in the newer social media frenzy and challenge, #SoGone.

Like so many other things that catch fire on social media, Chance the Rapper’s intent to show love to his girlfriend went viral in just moments. Monica’s sale for her 2003 hit single has increased over 400% in just days, and more than 2 million Twitter users have participated in the very popular #SoGone Challenge.

But there’s another aspect I’d like you to consider as future college graduates (YES, I’m claiming this for and standing in agreement with you).

As college students, I challenge you to not put off achieving your most desired goals. Learn to be: #SoGone for Goals.

To be clear, this isn’t an effort to hijack the beauty of our genius with bars and beats. I’m not here to be hip with some lame attempt to extract from this beloved viral sensation. However, goal setting does make a difference. So I challenge you to achieve all of your goals with a few acceptable “F’s” in how to be #SoGoneForGoals:

  • BE FAITHFUL: Just as you’re now seeking a better quality of life professionally, learn how to believe in yourself, personally. Don’t get into the habit of thinking you’re not enough. If you can see the vision, surely you can achieve the manifestation of it. Have faith in yourself!
  • BE FEARLESS: Fear is normal. Never forget that! Fear is seldom the issue in our lives. How we allow it to navigate our decisions is where the issue lies. Don’t just learn to be fearless, learn to be fearless in the right spaces at the right times. When we’re young, we’re known to do some very outlandish things, right? Yet for some reason the same fearlessness we have in doing wacky things tends to escape us when it’s time to do the necessary and fruitful things. Be fearless in optimizing your ability to achieve your goals. Take the greatest of risks as you dive into and discover more of your supreme greatness. Go for it!


  • FINISH: Refuse to subscribe to the ideology of “working better under pressure.” Try working better without pressure! Don’t practice procrastination. Likewise, don’t start projects void of finishing them. Never forget how important it is to get things done. Nothing beats that feeling you get when you set goals and achieve them. So don’t just dream it, have the ambition to complete it.

Try putting these acceptable “F’s” into practice as part of my challenge to be: #SoGoneForGoals and you’ll be winning while walking across that stage in no time.

Dr. Gill is the CEO of Blackademically Speaking, a cutting edge educational consulting firm. She’s an award-winning Motivational Speaker and Author of “Champions Break Chains and Black Genes-Black Genius: A Motivational Handbook to Empower Black Youth.” She’s on a mission to motivate and educate youth worldwide. See her inspire and empower youth here.