‘Shower Cap’ Street Wear is Really a Thing?

Ok, now we know folks strolled the streets of L.A. rocking their plastic shower caps in the ’90s. Check the cult-classic film Boyz N The Hood or ask around.

But people are really trying to make this a “thing” in 2016.

We pride ourselves on hair, true. And trust no one wants to show up with a crown full of mess and obstacle courses on their head, especially after spending a pretty penny at the salon. However, there has to be another alternative when trying to maintain your fly.

In the age of the entrepreneurial spirit and “hey-we-can-make-money-off-anything”, the New York Times featured various women who created variations of the street ready showercap.

One woman produced, Shhhower Cap, a turban-shaped cap designed toprotect hair from rain and humidity. (Why not just wear a turban? Eh, what evs.)

JOAN SMALLS! JOAN SMALLS. in a shhhowercap fit for a queen.

A photo posted by SHHHOWERCAP (@shhhowercap) on

Yeah…this is happening.

And what’s even more baffling is that the trend is catching on – even gaining a spot on Entertainment Tonight. Ah! Dang on, social media.

Black people have often been viewed as “ghetto” when seen wearing a bonnet on their heads outside. But now it’s becoming the thing to do. (Side eye Alert!)

It would be no surprise if the once deemed “ghetto” style becomes socially accepted due to the caliber of people likely to buy-in to the street ready shower cap.

Nope. This shouldn’t be the next wave.

*Photo: Dry Bar Morning After Showercap