How Short Is Too Short? Rules Of Dressing “Appropriate” At Work

Save your mini skirts for bar night. 

We’ve all experienced this moment in our careers when we misjudged the shortness of a dress and someone points out the lack of appropriateness it is for a work outfit. In my case, it was “work” shorts I bought on sale at Club Monaco and wore them in 90 degree weather because the newspaper I was interning at one summer didn’t have air conditioner and well I was dressing for the job conditions.

A work dress code is a set of standard outlined by a company’s mission statement which is based on the company culture it wishes to cultivate and the industry. Although we are living in the era of Google and Facebook like work cultures, the majority of company thoughts processes still remain in the 1950s advertising era, where business casual is still encouraged. Not all of us have the privilege to work at a cool tech startup where coming to work in sneakers and tee shirts is perfectly fine.

And with summer, comes a totally new style way of getting dressed up and looking presentable at any given time.

Here are some rules of dressing appropriate at work.

A Relaxed Casual Dress Code Doesn’t Mean Pajamas

Sorry, wearing pajamas to the office is never going to be cute.

Don’t Wear Anything That’s Cutoff

Stay away from anything that you cut to make shorter or frayed,  that means tattered jeans and other denim trends. TBH it just doesn’t look presentable.

Show As Little Skin As Possible

This goes for girls and guys. Don’t wear shirts that show your mid-drift or butt crack. The attention should be on your work performance and not on your body part.

1- 3 Inches Above Your Knees

Wear your dress or skirt as close to your knees as possible. When it comes to bending down, you don’t want your goods to show. It’s just not appropriate for anything shorter. Which length do you think is appropriate? Comment below with the letter.

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When In Doubt, Wear A Collared Shirt

No one has ever gotten fired wearing a collared shirt.