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Unleash Your Inner Beyonce with the Vixen Workout

I love ‘Yonce. No, I LUHHH Beyonce, Queen B, Baddie Bey like she is my soulmate in real life. I’ve actually wiped my bum with red toilet paper because it was allegedly in her tour rider. I’ve tried on every piece in her probably-not-picked-by-her Rent The Runway collection. I saw her in concert and screamed/cried/lost my ish like a child who needed a good spanking. And, I downloaded iTunes (I’m a PC user) for the first time to purchase her latest album.

So…you get it. I’m a big Beyoncé fan/stan and not ashamed. I belong to the Church of Bey and no one can stop me.

ANYWAY. I knew I had to try this dance class immediately. After all, I had an inner diva to unleash. Turns out said class was actually called the Vixen Workout. It’s a 60 minute exercise class that was founded by Janet Jones in 2012 in Florida. She wanted to create a safe space for women to dance as sexy as they wanted without judgement. Or, as I like to call it: a Safe Twerk Zone. In 2013, the class was brought to New York City–where I attended.

In a dance studio that was filled with 20+ women (no men allowed), instructor Meliza Fernandez turned down the lights and bumped up the music. Class was in session. I was scaredcited (scared/excited). We began with sexy poses and affirmations, “Yes I’m sexy! Yes I’m fierce! Yes I got this! Yassss!” By the third time we said this, I could feel my spirit change: I was ready!

After we did a warm-up that included some wide squats, fast marches, and booty pops, Fernandez said, “Let’s begin!” Dripping with sweat, I let out a huge sigh and responded, “That was just the beginning?!” Everyone laughed and the girls next to me said, “Welcome to the Vixen Army.” Aww.

For the next 50 minutes, we shook our money shakers, twirled, twerked, and went b-a-n-a-n-a-s to songs like “Drunk In Love”, “Partition”, “I’m a Boss”, and “Go Girl”. I felt like I was at the club. The only difference was I could really go wild and not worry about some dude trying to cop a feel. This was the first time I felt like I was not only having fun in a dance class, but I was really working my ass off.

Needless to say, this class is a must take. I left feeling like a true diva. Imagine getting to dance like an exotic dancer without actually being one. You get the body benefits of working what your mama gave ya, without the shame. I plan to take the class at least once a week. Check out the below information and come enlist in The Vixen Army!

Workout: Vixen Workout

Cost: $15/class

What You’ll Need: Cropped leggings, a fitted or loose tank, sneakers, a towel, and your best diva ‘tude

Fun Factor: 15 out of 5 (YASSSS, OFF THE CHARTS!)

The Real Deal: When I heard there was a dance class that would leave you feeling like Beyoncé, I logged on to my computer and searched for it so fast that I almost gave myself carpal tunnel.

Dara Adeeyo

Dara Adeeyo

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Dara is a freelance writer, nail art addict, and uncertified Beyoncé expert. She loves a good workout, but also love eating Nutella out of the jar. Follow her daily adventures on Facebook or Twitter @dadeeyo