Shaping Up

Tips for Cold-Weather Running

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Fall and winter are full of some of the ultimate diet cheat days. With holiday season upon us, it’s important to keep moving in order to keep weight gain at bay. Outdoor running is a great way to stay in shape while taking in some fresh air and the natural beauties of fall and winter. Here are my five tips to cold weather running:

Layer up: It’s better to be safe than sorry when running outdoors. If you get too hot, you can always strip down. Dri Fit materials are great for wicking away sweat and keeping you warm and dry. Stay away from cotton directly on your skin because it holds onto moisture, and being cold and wet is not a good mix!

Drink up: Just because it’s not hot outside does not mean that you don’t need to drink just as much water. You may not feel as thirsty, or sweat as much, but you still need to hydrate! The air is a lot drier in the colder months, and our bodies don’t get as much moisture. Hence the reason your skin may be drier in the winter than in the summer. Water also helps to maintain body temperature and keep you warm. Stay away from ice cold water though.

Cover your hands and head: A lot of your body heat is lost through your hands, head and feet. Your feet will (or should) be covered in socks and running shoes, but often times people leave their hands and head bare. Find a good moisture wicking hat and gloves.

Ease into long runs: If you are a newbie to cold weather running make it a progressive process. Start off with a 20-minute jog and set a goal to increase your time gradually. Don’t put all of your focus on how far you are running, rather try setting a time and see how far you have run.

Avoid ice at all costs: Ice is a cold weather runner’s worse enemy. One slip on a patch of black ice can cause serious injury. On days when when streets and sidewalks can become icy, try running on soft surfaces that don’t freeze as easily like grass, gravel, woodland trails or a track.

Happy Running!

Deanna Jefferson is a certified Health and Fitness Expert, celebrity trainer, Nike Trainer, and owner of the Fab Body Factory in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Keep up with her fitness advice via Twitter and Instagram @deannajefferson and her website at Want to see Deanna in action? Join her on her Fit Trip in Cancun next May! Learn more and reserve your spot HERE.