Shaping Up

How to Keep Your Curves While Working Out

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One of our favorite Instagram accounts @_fabnfit is simply “Curvalicious!”  If you are considering a weight loss routine but yet want to keep ALL your womanly curves, you need to pump, pump, pump it up!  While losing weight is important for your health you may not be ready to give up those head-turning curves you absolutely love.

Cardiovascular exercises are great for the heart and fat loss, but without a iron-pumping exercise routine to help you define your muscles, you may end up with a saggy booty which may not be the results you were hoping for.

Here are some tips for how you can build muscles that help you keep those dangerous curves ahead!

Tip  #1: Keep it Real

Because silicon parts are made for toys, keep yours real. Real women do lift weights and are not worrying that lifting weights will turn them into the incredible hulk! Women do not produce enough testosterone to bulk up naturally. When you see female body builders and fitness competitors, keep in mind that they are competing with other women to achieve a muscular physique. They also live a lifestyle that consists of high-calorie diets, lots of supplements, and lifting massive amounts of weight.  Try to keep your weights to no more than 10-15 pound while lifting during your routine. This will give you the softer all around curve appeal and booty lift that you are desiring.

Tip #2: Train Mean, Get Lean

Pumping iron not only builds muscles, but the meaner and harder the workout, the leaner and firmer the muscle mass in your body. The more muscle you build the more fat you’ll burn when you’re active and when you are inactive. Also, if you spend less time resting and more time moving to the next workout, your heart rate stays elevated and you workout stays intense which will help you burn  MORE calories during weight training than a cardio session. Add a clean diet to your routine of nothing but food that is as close to its natural state as possible and you will get the results you want a lot faster.

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