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Your Guide to Spring Running

Nike trainer Deanne Jefferson shares tips for running during warm weather.
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Make no mistake, even with the wrath of the polar vortex, Spring is here! And with the weather warming up slowing but surely, people all around will begin to hit the ground running. Here are my four tips to spring running.

1. Ease your way back into running – Running outdoors on pavement is more taxing on your body than running on the treadmill. It’s important to ease back into outdoor running slowly to prevent injuries. Decrease your speed or duration for your first few outdoor runs to get acclimated to the change of environment.

2. Check your shoes – Your running shoes are going to be particularly important when changing to the hard pavement. Check to make sure it’s not time to retire your running shoes and get a new pair. Your shoes should only take you 300-500 miles. Keep in mind that road running will make your shoes wear faster than running on the treadmill.

3. Dress Flexibly – Spring can bring all types of weather elements. Be sure to dress in moisture wicking layers so you can take off and add as needed. Wind breaker jackets are also great for springtime running. Remember to apply your sunscreen before you head out into the sun as well.

4. Hydrate – Coming from the longer winter months, it’s easy to forget to stay well hydrated before, during and after your run. The general rule of thumb is a run 30 minutes or less only needs water. A run much longer than that needs carbohydrates to replenish glucose levels to sustain your energy for the run.

Happy Spring running!

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