Shaping Up

Get Ready to Brukwine!

A workout in heels? Now that sounds terrifying!

Needless to say, I tossed my most comfortable pair (a strappy brown sandal with a thick heel and stacked platform) into my gym bag and dashed off to my first Brukwine class.

For those who are unfamiliar, Brukwine is a reggae/dancehall-based class created by Tavia and Tamara (perhaps you’ve seen them in Sean Paul’s music videos?). In the class, students learn dancehall moves, how to isolate their hips and be sexy in heels.

With loud dancehall music bumping from a live DJ booth in the back of the dance studio, I felt like I stepped into a club and not an exercise class. The contagious beats filled my body. I was ready to shake my hips and get in touch with my inner Caribbean roots in my first Brukwine Fitness Party.

The class starts off with a warm-up. No heels necessary for this part! We stretched and did light toning that involved crunches and squats. Once this was done, the heels were back on. To get the hips swerving like nobody’s business, we practiced isolating our hips by bumping it to the right, back, left, and front. I thought this would be easy.

I have hips and I know how to shake my booty like I’m working for tips, I thought.

However, I found this difficult. Hip isolation isn’t exactly something one does on a daily basis. Oh, the abs I’d have if I did! Anyway, I digress.

After this, we learned a dance routine. Twenty minutes later, I unbuckled my strappy heels and went barefoot. I couldn’t do it anymore. Thankfully, this is a dance class that can be done in heels, sneakers, or barefoot. I’d like to think that being barefoot really got me in touch with those aforementioned Caribbean roots.

Sixty minutes into the class, I looked like I jumped into a pool. I was drenched in sweat — a sign of a good workout. Toward the end, I felt like I was a part of a new sisterhood.

The class was filled with women of all different shapes and sizes, shaking it, having a good time, and encouraging each other in their dutty wine-ing. Nothing beats a workout class where women can come together and feel safe to dance as dirty as they wants for the sake of fitness.

Check out a snippet of I learned below:

Classes are $20 each. For more information, visit

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