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Flying High with Aerial Yoga

Our fitness contributor Dara Adeeyo shares the scoop on aerial yoga.

Workout: Aerial Yoga at OMFactory NYC

Cost: $17/class

What You’ll Need: Leggings and a fitted top

Fun Factor: 5 out of 5

The Real Deal:

I consider myself a pseudo yogi. I believe yoga is the ultimate stress reliever. Bikram yoga (hot yoga) has been my practice of choice for the past seven years and I became extremely devout over the last year.

“Yoga is so boring,” my friends say. But to me, it’s not. It’s a time where you can focus on you, shutting the world out for 90 minutes to find inner peace while developing a sexy body. Yoga also teaches you a lot about life.

My takeaway has been patience. Taking a year to progressively improve in one pose will really help you understand how patience is a virtue. Needless to say, I’m taking a break from Bikram for a couple months and want to switch up my yoga game. In comes, aerial yoga.

Aerial Yoga is an exercise that combines traditional yoga poses with acrobatic techniques. Loved by celebs, it’s gained a lot of popularity since Pink’s gravity defining performance at this year’s Grammys. Afraid of what I would be walking into, I signed up for a noon class at the OMFactory NYC to minimize the amount of people who would see me try to master the suspended sash.

just hanging out

My class of four (yes, four!) started out on the floor with our teacher Cassandra Joy leading us through some breathing exercises. Once we were centered, the fabric play began. Laying on the ground, we did some leg stretches and arm pull-ups with the sash that hung above our heads. This was to get us friendly with it. And after we Downward Dog-ed it, it was time to hop into the fabric. Standing on it was scary at first. But once I realized the fabric’s strength and that I could fall out at anytime if a pose got too difficult, I was ready to swing and do tricks.

Thirty minutes into the class, I was dripping with sweat–something I didn’t expect. This class was HARD. I was working muscles in my arms that I don’t normally exercise, using my weak core strength in a lot of the poses, and being stung with slight pain for the sash when I laid my hips on it. The struggle was all too real.

But ultimately, I had fun. The key to the class was trusting the fabric I was using. Once I reached that point, I had no fear in trying to do things like hanging upside down. In fact, I loved it! I can’t wait to go for my next class.

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Dara is a freelance writer, nail art addict, and uncertified Beyoncé expert. She loves a good workout, but also love eating Nutella out of the jar. Follow her daily adventures on Facebook or Twitter@dadeeyo