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5 Tips to Lose the Muffin Top

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Are you trying to get rid of stubborn belly fat? Are you trying to get your body back after having a baby? Are you ready to get rid of that middle-aged spread around your waistline? Well it’s time to lose that muffin top so that you can live a better and longer life!

Your lingering belly fat can lead to heart attacks, strokes, Type 2 diabetes, cancer and even dementia. A lot of people believe that just doing a bunch of crunches will get rid of stubborn belly fat, but I’m here to tell you that MUCH MORE is needed! While direct abdominal exercises should be a part of your weekly exercise routine, heeding to these tips will help you turn that muffin top, flat as a pancake.

#1 Maintain good posture. Suck your tummy in (as if you were resisting a punch to the stomach) and pull your shoulders back. A 20-minute abdominal exercise routine can’t compete with you allowing your tummy to sag all day. Slouch = Pouch!

#2 Hit the weights. Total body strength training builds muscle and burns fat by increasing your metabolic rate. More muscle tone can also help draw your stomach in by tightening and lifting the abdominals.

#3 Reduce the stress, increase the sleep. Stress and lack of sleep (less than 6 hours) cause a spike in a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol depletes lean muscle and aids fat storage in the abdominal region.

#4 Reduce sugar. This includes all types of sugar, including all-natural sources such as fruit and honey, as well as grains, which break down to sugar in your body. Sugar slows down the fat burning process and leaves belly fat hanging around. Increase protein and fiber intake through vegetables, nuts, beans and lean meats.

#5 Perform high intensity interval training. Short high-intensity bouts of cardio can be very powerful in breaking down fat. This training style requires an all-out effort for about 30 seconds followed by a short recovery period of about 30 seconds for about 15-20 minutes.

Happy Belly Fat Burning!

Deanna Jefferson is a certified Health and Fitness Expert, celebrity trainer, Nike Trainer, and owner of the Fab Body Factory in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Keep up with her fitness advice via Twitter and Instagram @deannajefferson and her website at Want to see Deanna in action? Join her on her Fit Trip in Cancun next May! Learn more and reserve your spot HERE.