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5 Quick Calorie-Cutting Tips

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For many years, the myth persisted that fat is the primary reason that we gain weight. Then, with the rise of low-carb and high-protein diets, carbohydrates became the culprit. The truth is, fat, protein and carbs are all nutrients that contribute to weight balance because they each have calories.  When figuring out how to trim down, we must examine our caloric intake, as it summarizes how much of every nutrient we ingest.

Here are some quick tips to slim it down in a natural, healthy way:

1. Avoid processed “fat-free,” “low-fat” and “zero-calorie” products

Often, when food companies create low or fat-free products, they replace the fat with more sugar or carbs.  Surprisingly, these products then have the same number of calories as the full fat version plus loads of junky artificial ingredients. Exceptions to this are milks and yogurts. Moderation and a balanced unprocessed diet is the key. Whole, real food is supposed to have calories, so if a product doesn’t have any, what mystery chemicals is it made of?

 2. Drink Your Alcohol Straight

Save up to 800 calories by opting for your cocktails straight-up or on-the-rocks. Sugary cocktails not only compel us to drink more, but they also induce cravings and compel us to chow down on more 330-calorie mozzarella sticks.  One vodka soda is 64 calories, versus a rum and Coke at 154 or a Long Island iced tea at 242.

3. Eat Less Dairy

From added cheese to mayonnaise to Alfredo, cut the cream.  Cutting the cheese and sour cream in a burrito bowl at a popular chain will save 215 calories.  Opting against mayo, a.k.a egg yolks and oil, in favor of mustard on our sandwiches saves more than 105 calories.  Remember, have cream sauces once in a while if you must, rather than opting for the low-fat versions.

4. Have Larger Green Veggie Portions

One cup of cooked green vegetables like kale or spinach has between 36 and 52 calories, compared with 210 calories in a cup of brown rice or pasta.  Vegetables are also often high in fiber, which makes us full longer.  Designing your plate with a larger percentage of green vegetables can save 150 calories or more.

5. Cut It in Half

One slice of cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory has between 710 to 1,330 calories per serving.  According to the Mayo Clinic, a 40-year-old, 5’5″ woman weighing 150 pounds who exercises moderately three days a week should only consume 1,900 calories.  This cheesecake would comprise almost her full daily allowance!  Having the restaurant bring out half and boxing the other for giveaway, or splitting desserts and decadent snacks with a friend, are great alternatives.

Remember to always stick to fresh, natural, real foods wherever possible.  Happy calorie-cutting!

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