Seems Like Every Week A Facebook Friend Is Chillin’ In Cuba

Cuba is the hot travel destination right now. 

Facebook friends took advantage of those “glitch-inspired” airline deals late last year, and now we’re just starting to get major travel FOMO because every week someone is posting a Cuba photo!

Tobacco plantation: Vinales,Cuba . . . #cuba #santamaria #travelnoire #blacktravelhackers

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Literally, airline deals to Cuba were as cheap as $300 roundtrip, and with the newly opened travel portals, hype beasts are renting old Chevy’s, smoking cigars on the street and dancing spanish until the wee hours of the morning, thank the Kardashian’s and Chanel’s Cruise Fashion show for the extra long commercials on why to travel to Cuba. Because it’s untouched territory. Well not anymore.

People can’t get enough of the hot destination, With over 4 million+ photos under #Cuba, we present the best from social media.

Havana, Cuba

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The country is very old due to its strict government.

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According to a Facebook friend “it was fairly cheap but hard to get a driver without a phone or Internet.. Just gotta hail them. The people are so sweet and helpful.”

The native cubans are still very much engrained to the land, as many families sustain their livelihood from farming.

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However, the culture is not ruined by tourism … yet.

In general, People are inspired to travel Cuba because of the delicious food, vibrant culture, and beautiful beaches and land.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Giovanni Giannoni/WWD/REX