See All The Weird Art From Frieze Art Fair NY

And cute fashion, obviously!

This weekend, art snobs are taking water taxis from manhattan to Randall’s Island to see all the art from the Frieze Art Fair.

It’s lit.

The fair is only this weekend ( May 5-7) and features modern art from the world. Among the 3600 square foot exhibit floor space, here’s the weirdest art people are posting to Instagram.


@friezeartfair before the flood #FriezeNY #aiportpitstop2 #mayflowers

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Don’t be two – faced.

David Altmejd 🎨

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Just fan me!


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So scary!

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Coconut water!

if you don’t find this piece thought provoking, I don’t know what will. #unculturedswine

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