As Seats Recline, AMC Theaters Hope Attendance Increases

It’s no secret that ticket sales in movie theaters have declined due to increased pricing. And with the best box office offerings available to rent for $1.29 at your local Redbox or a $9 Netflix subscription, we’d rather make it a cheap and entertaining night with the crew at home.

But what if theaters offered a more comfortable experience with reclining chairs? Would that increase ticket sales and encourage people to hit the movie theaters like the good old days?

That’s just what AMC is doing to ramp up their business. As part of a $600 million revamp of the chain, the company has converted approximately a third of its nearly 5,000 auditoriums to fully reclining seats and surprisingly, they’re seeing an increase in revenue. The new seats are 36 percent wider, with two chairs occupying about 5 feet, compared to the current 3 feet, 8 inches.

Though the new seating layout limits space, attendance has seen a boost. By upgrading the experience with dine-in capabilities, theater owners hope to encourage more people to spend their evenings at the theater.

Are you willing to ditch the couch and embrace the new theater experience – laid back in your reclined chair with a nice meal?

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