Be Safe this Spring Break

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Ladies and gentlemen, it is that time of year again. That time where those of us who can rush to the warmest parts of the world to participate in all the fun, booze, hoopla and glory that is associated with one thing: SPRING BREAK.

Whether you are off to some island, driving to the coast, or headed to some other remote location, you have to be prepared for all the antics and take the right measures to make things go as smoothly as possible.

Here are some pointers and reminders to help you gear up for an amazing Spring Break 2014.

Double Check!!!

Before you even leave for spring break, make sure you have all the necessary documents you need in order to get to where you need to go. If you are driving, make sure every person driving has their license and make sure that all the maps and necessary documents are within your reach. If you are going abroad, make sure that you always know where your passport and insurance cards are so that you can travel without any issues. Need to know what documents you’ll need? Check out the National Association of Insurance Commissioners for some ideas!

Sleep is Essential

If taking a road trip make sure that the driver has had adequate amounts of sleep the night before. Also, if you’re riding shotgun, make sure that you have had enough Zzzzs  as well and stay awake during the entirety of the journey so that you can help be another set of eyes on the road. Teamwork is key in order to ensure everyone arrives safely.

Team Up

Make sure that everyone has each other’s phone number and don’t do anything without one or two people from your group with you. This is definitely important when making trips to the ATM or any other place that leads you to question your safety. For tips about dealing with groups while traveling, look here!

Being Overly Cautious

Speaking of ATMs, be smart and block the potential for any outside onlookers from seeing how much you have in your account or from potentially accessing your pin. Also, when getting receipts, be mindful of what you do with them. Don’t be so fast to toss them out because you never know who’s watching…

Drink, but Be Smart

Yes, we all know that spring break is synonymous for fun and drinking under the sun, but be smart about the laws in your particular destination regarding alcohol consumption. It is best to pace yourself and don’t drink those hard hitting concoctions you know will have you knocked out and missing out on something awesome that could happen. Plus, people look out for drunks to take advantage of because they know that you are an easy target. Important note: Have a designated driver. Pause: did you know that if you are in a hot tub, you can feel the effects of alcohol a lot sooner, so be mindful before you take that glass with you for some relaxation.

Need more alcohol tips? Visit the Bacchus Network HERE!

Emergency Contact

It definitely doesn’t hurt to have someone back at home at the ready in case of an emergency.   Having emergency contacts are definitely a viable way to ensure that at any point you are unavailable, they can be counted on to know your whereabouts and way to reach you. Constantly keeps these people updated on your whereabouts or plans for the day so that they can be ready for most any situation.

Hook-Up Culture

It is known that people participate in sexual escapades during spring break but it is vital to stock up on the necessaries to prevent the potential for STDs and other dangers that can be associated. Make sure you stock up on protection before you leave home so you never find yourself in a compromised situation. Also remember, no means no and if you followed the traveling in teams step then they should be able to help get you out of any unwanted situation that you don’t want to be in. Ultimately you hold all the cards and setting boundaries will help with all of those occurrences. Need safe sex tips? Visit here!

Safe travels!