Russell Westbrook’s Fashion Fails

Russell Westbrook is at it again. The Oklahoma City Thunder point guard attended the 2013 Teen Choice Awards last night and caused quite a stir for his unique fashion choice, a sleeveless, collarless camo and white top with some slim-fitting Hammer pants, finished off with some aluminum kicks. While the questionable ensemble is a bold fashion choice, it’s become expected of the self-professed fashionisto. While social media went in on Westbrook’s latest outfit, here are a few more of the NBA star’s fashion fails.Russell-Teen-choice-900x360

This sockless ensemble was just over-coordinated with way too tight pink jeans, pink soles and matching purple basketballs. Just another example of how all separates are not created equal.


This colorful blouse shirt looks like it came right out of a bargain basement bin and the 70s. No mas.


Looks like Westbrook tried to channel his best Andre 300 with this Urkel-esque getup but wound up looking more like an outcast. Sorry, Russ, there can be only one.


This one is actually on the tame side but men and cheetah print are a mix most will pass on.


From the waist up Mr. Westbrook nailed his substitute teacher swag, but he had to go and push the limits of fashion sense with the camo pants and Jordans.