Ron J. Clark: ‘Be a Better Father to Your Child’

 Ron J. Clark, Photo Courtesy

Ron J. Clark, Photo Courtesy

Ron J. Clark, national conference speaker, consultant and writer on manhood and fatherhood issues provides tips on how to be a better father. Check it out:

Black Men’s Health and Wellness, and wanted to offer one of its contributors, Ron J. Clark, as an expert on becoming a better baby daddy! Ron has written an article which can viewed here on

Man meets woman. Man and woman hit it off. Nine months later, man and woman are parents. Somewhere along the way, man and woman decide not to marry but they are forced to co-parent. Sound familiar? The new dad typically has his offspring living with their mother and he becomes a visiting parent. A ‘baby daddy.’

Now your nerves and money are stretched thin. You ask yourself, how did I get here and can I be the best dad while not living with my children?

‘How can I be there without actually being there?’

Research says children with uninvolved fathers are more likely to experience major challenges. Poverty, teen pregnancy, incarceration, and depression are just a few. While one-fourth of U.S. children live in fatherless households, two-thirds of African American children experience this reality. Fathers serve as roles models for boys and relationship models for girls. Hence, a father’s contribution is unique and irreplaceable.

Being a baby daddy has challenges but also great opportunities. Consider this statement: physical absence does not have to equal abandonment.

It’s highly possible to maintain a meaningful relationship with your children although you no longer live in the primary household. Just because you are no longer under the same roof, you can still play your important role as the most important man in their lives.