#BuyBlack: Rihanna Launching Makeup Line

Be honest. If Rihanna made a line of couches, pies or wrenches, would you buy them? Probably not.

And the reasons why you wouldn’t buy a RiRi wrench but you would buy a RiRi lipstick are the cornerstones of understanding business brand marketing. Those reasons are also why Rihanna stands to make a mint off her (rumored) $10-million makeup line deal with LVMH (Ahem, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy.) Given what we know about Rihanna’s Navy, the line, Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, is sure to sell like fried chicken and waffles. Or like Ivy Park.

Celebrities often use their brand to create auxiliary businesses from clothing lines to movie theaters to apartment complexes. Magic Johnson took his basketball star and turned it into a real estate gig. Tyra Banks took her modeling gig and turned it into a TV empire. Some celebs make really bad choices in these off-shoots. Some make great ones. I recall talking to many a celeb, specifically Tyra Banks, about what makes for a good brand affiliation. She joked that couches would not be a good fit for her (or at least they weren’t at the time that we chatted.) And that makes sense.

Similarly, Rihanna’s makeup line, which releases in fall 2017, should be an insta-win. If we’re lucky, it’ll include shades and colors that work for the wide range of Riri’s fans. It will probably also have some kick ass lipstick for Riri’s Navy. This isn’t her first run with makeup. As WWD reports: “She previously has collaborated in 2013 with MAC Cosmetics on a four-part, limited-edition RiRi Hearts MAC color cosmetics collection, and she also represented Viva Glam lipstick in 2014 to raise funds for AIDS research.”

She’s not the only celeb making a mint off makeup. You’re already familiar with Iman Cosmetics and Lala Anthony’s Motives line. And most recently Jessica Alba added her Honest Cosmetics to the long list of celebs trying their hands at makeup and skin care.

Yes, Rihanna is a performer. But she’s also a shrewd business woman with a massive brand following. These stars don’t get rich solely off of selling records.

According to New York Magazine, David Suliteanu, chief executive officer of the LVMH division Kendo said this about the deal:  “Fenty Beauty by Rihanna is a beauty rocket ship that will appeal to a huge and diverse global audience.”