Rick Ross on Signing Women Artists: ‘I Gotta F***’

Although Rick Ross has achieved major success through Maybach Music Group, one thing remains to be seen: him signing a woman to his label.

But it appears the “Touch’n You” lyricist has a bit of apprehension when signing a woman rapper. Why?

Because he feels like he will engage in inappropriate behavior with her …and that’s putting it nicely.

“You know, I never did it because I always thought that like I would end up f**king the female rapper [and] f**king the business up,” Ross said during an interview with The Breakfast Club. “I’m so focused on my business. I gotta be honest with you. You know, she looking good and I’m spending so much money on the photoshoots …I gotta f**k a couple times.”

Ross did say if the woman was younger and more like family, he’d be more inclined to sign her.

“I mean, most definitely. If she was a youngster that I felt was bringing something to the table that dope, you know what I’m saying …just like it’s a female artist that I’ve watched her whole life in the same position was Brianna [Perry] in Miami.”


Watch Rick Ross on The Breakfast Club in the interview below. His remarks about signing women artists to his label can be heard around the 8:40 mark.