Can Someone Please Tell Rick Ross He’s Not Entitled To Anyone’s Vagina?

David Becker/Stringer

In the most ironic story circulating black media today, rapper and man of no woman’s dreams Rick Ross unabashedly admitted he doesn’t do business with women because he’d feel compelled to receive some punani out of the whole deal. During an interview with the Breakfast Club on Monday, Ross gave a perfectly repugnant reason as to why his Maybach Music Group label only consists of male artists.

“You know, I never [signed a woman] because I always thought, like, I would end up f**king a female rapper and f**king the business up,” Ross told Power 105.1’s Angela Yee, Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy.

“I’m so focused on my business. I just gotta be honest with you,” he continued. “You know, she looking good. I’m spending so much money on her photo shoots. I gotta f**k a couple times.”

Because any employer who invests in their employee’s performance should get a couple of smash sessions out of it, no? What’s funny is Ross never stopped to ask himself the question that could rid of his reservations entirely: Who trying to f**k you, boo? You’d already be cutting the check.

He’s essentially saying that despite a woman’s talent, the only value he’ll see will lay between her legs. We don’t even know what’s worse: Ross’ sexual entitlement or the fact that he was so comfortable discussing it while either not realizing or caring that his words were problematic as hell.

Ross’ behavior and words were none too surprising given this mentality was echoed in his 2013 rhythmic embodiment of rape culture “U.A.E.N.O,” where he casually raps about date rape. Ross even amplified the level of misogyny in the room by repeatedly asking female host Yee to show some leg.

Not only is he entitled, but Ross is the perfect encapsulation of some of the world’s most perplexing creatures: mediocre men who make far-fetched assumptions about their levels of desirability simply because they’re men. Ross is so arrogant, he’s nearly incapable of fathoming a non-mutual attraction.

Because Ross thinks all women would be willing to get down with him like that, there could be a number of lyrical goddesses out there waiting for an overdue glow-up.

Ross, next time you come across a talented female rapper, put her on, cut homegirl a check and try not to think about your penis because she won’t be doing so.