A New Style of Nip & Tuck in Atlanta

While sitting in my aunt’s Hawkinsville, Ga. kitchen, I watched as the bandages were being changed on my favorite cousin’s face. The burns were still healing, and it was determined that she would have to go to an Atlanta hospital for further treatment. I was 9 at the time, and wondered out loud why they would have to go so far away. That’s when my aunt informed me that there were no plastic surgeons in our small Georgia town.

I wasn’t sure what plastic surgery was back then, and I was thinking, What are they going to do? Put plastic on her face? LolSo over the years every time I heard about plastic surgery in the media, on television, or in a book, it intrigued me and ended up being the career I wanted to pursue. But my cousin’s tragedy is what sparked my interest in plastic surgery.

Today, I know exactly what it entails, as I am part of a new generation of young professionals that have superior training and preparation, and a high level of skills. I bring my skill set to my upscale practice in Buckhead, a preeminent neighborhood in Atlanta, Ga.

My vision to offer high-end plastic surgery to the Atlanta area where patients are treated with a personal touch and receive outstanding results, actually began in California. When I was about 23 years old and staying with family for the summer in South Central Los Angeles, I thought to myself that I would like to meet a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon.

I was still a medical student at the time, and I spent about two hours going through the Beverly Hills Yellow Pages calling different plastic surgeons trying to meet with one. After several failed attempts, doctors Norman Leaf and Lisa Cassileth agreed to take me in. They eventually introduced me to renowned plastic surgeon to the stars Anthony Griffin, who you may recognize from the Extreme Makeover television series. He has been a mentor and friend for over 12 years.

I went all in from the beginning, only interviewing at the top schools in the United States in order to receive the best training available. I’ve always wanted to be not just an average plastic surgeon, but one of the best in the country. So I needed to get into a program that could develop me into the type of doctor I wanted to be. I soon realized that the top program for plastic surgery was actually located right in my home state at Emory University School of Medicine, but one discovery in particular made my acceptance even more poignant.

I never knew where my cousin was treated when I was younger. After I got into the Emory plastic surgery program, I discovered that when she got burned back in the 1980s, Emory was running the Grady Hospital burn center. They were the ones who treated her, and I serendipitously got into that same plastic surgery program.

After seventeen consecutive years studying, training and honing my craft, I chose to bring my practice to Atlanta. There’s a big need here for a specialized rhinoplasty surgeon, and I felt that I would be a good fit.  While specifically training with several surgeons to the stars for noses in Beverly Hills, I developed an interest in rhinoplasty (nose). Ethnic (African-American, Asian, Middle Eastern, and Hispanic) noses are a little more difficult than the typical Caucasian nose. In addition to a propensity for scarring, there are structural differences that make sculpting ethnic noses more challenging.

Today, I am currently living my dream and am grateful for the opportunity to give back.  I recently started Surgeon’s Touch Inc., a non-profit organization designed to assist patients from under-served communities with reconstructive surgery.  The potential patients pay for their operations by performing impactful community service projects.  Therefore, a life and an entire neighborhood both benefit from the organization’s involvement.

To move away for years and return as a plastic surgeon is a true testament of God’s grace in my life. It has been a great journey, and I give all the credit to Him.

As seen on Lifetime’s “Atlanta Plastic,” Dr. Wright Jones is one of the most sought after plastic surgeons with patients traveling both nationally and internationally to experience plastic surgery the “Wright” way. He prides himself on being a key advocate for educating patients on the right practices and knowledge of plastic surgery and this is what places him on the list with some of the best surgeons internationally. For more information visit Follow Dr. Jones on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @wrightjonesmd.