Rape: No Joke Zone

There she lies. Unconscious, naked and on the floor — unaware of what had happened until Instagram showed her. Then, the questions circulated. A conclusion made. She had been raped.

A 16-year-old Houston native, identified only as Jada, told KHOU News that she recalls being invited to a house party and accepted because her friend knew the host. A drink was given to her and then … well, that’s where her memory goes gray.

Because we’re in the day and age where the prevailing philosophy is ‘post first, think later’, images of the teen began circulating the Internet via social media. The alleged attacker hopped on Twitter to plead his innocence and instead of leaving it at that, begins mocking the alleged victim.

So we have now a swarm of tweets insulting the girl and laughing at her while questioning her timing in telling her story to the media.

Here’s just a taste of what she’s publicly dealing with right now:

“How its rape? You had 2 months to say something but you ain’t say shit till you get exposed? – Cocaino (@WhiteboyLaflare)  (In all caps)

There are more. But those words don’t need to be spread any further.

It all comes back to the reckless use of social media and the cyber-bullying that has caused some to commit suicide.

People have gotten too keyboard-happy when it comes to serious issues that can have lasting effects on a person’s social and psychological progression. Since when does an alleged rape — no matter how long ago it happened and who it happened to — become fodder for mockery across social media platforms?

It’s sickening.

In one tweet, one can be applauded for gaining courage and having the strength to speak up about abuse and/or being raped and in the next, laughed at for “waiting two months” to tell their story.

Pain has no set expiration date.

Jada, though hurt, is not allowing this unfortunate situation to define her. “There’s no point in hiding,” she told KHOU.” Everybody has already seen my face and my body, but that’s not what I am and who I am.”