What Year Is This Again? Racist Receipt

Credit: iStockphoto


We’ve all heard of nasty comments written on receipts, but this one takes the cake and the cheddar biscuits.

A Red Lobster waitress, Toni Christina Jenkins (pictured above), is attracting a lot of attention after posting to her Facebook page a picture of a receipt from what sounds like a truly horrific patron.   Jenkins, who works at a location near Nashville, was stiffed of her tip, but then got a boulder of salt in the wound when she was allegedly called “nigger” in the total. H/T: Daily Mail

toni christina jenkins racist receipt

Of course, some folk are trying to call shenanigans on Miss Jenkins, as revealed in this article on Huffington Post UK.  But if this is true, this racist Red Lobster receipt serves as yet another “What Year Is This?” moment in our racial history.

**Deep, cleansing breath**