These Are The Most Popular Style Of Shoes Right Now

Back at it again with the black and white vans. 

Guys and dolls can’t stop wearing the black and white Vans SK8-Hi Vans,  they are by far the most popular sneaker out right now. The legendary shoes have made their way on the feet of teenage video gamers, to styles two- year-olds like North West to on the red carpet and this popular style doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. It’s the new Air Force 1 of sneaker culture, except it is currently being worn amongst a more diverse audience. There’s no age, sex or gender limit of who can wear the SK8-HI Vans.

Why do people like them so much?

People are obsessed with these sneakers because they have become the basic, go- to sneaker that matches with just about everything. Here are the SK8-HI’s at their best style moments on our favorite trendsetters.