Pop Life: “Shorty By Nature”

Credit: Xavier Payne

Ah, the ’90s.

Box braids, Cross Colours, Wu-Tang Clan, Troop and soundtracks that were very often better than the movie. plans to take you back to that time period every Thursday, courtesy of artist and illustrator extraordinaire Xavier Payne.

But we also want to challenge your memory, so you’ll also get a Pop Life trivia question. Try and answer in the comments without the help of Google, Wikipedia or a text to your friend who watches Netflix all day long.

On “Martin,” the height-challenged star was often besieged with offers from Tracy Morgan, who played “Hustle Man.”  What entrée did Hustle Man suggest that “Gina” and “Martin” serve for their wedding dinner?  (Hint: It involves the other white meat.)

Credit: Xavier Payne

Credit: Xavier Payne

About the artist: Xavier Payne, who is an illustrator and designer, chooses this medium for storytelling and his biggest influences are the 1990s, pop culture, Japanese and hip-hop.  Want to check out more of Xavier’s work? Of course you do.  Here’s how to find him:


Instagram: xpayneart

Twitter: @xpayneart