Planned Parenthood Celebrated 100 Years

Fashion’s beloved charity. 

Last night, Planned Parenthood celebrated a hundred years of free condoms and STD tests and people showed up to party. Even Quest Love DJ’ed.

With a fully loaded crowd of New York’s most prized fashionistas and businesswomen, the organizations hasn’t been this appealing in years.

A star – studded event for a great cause.

Amongst a crowd of over 800 guests, Hillary Clinton and Shonda Rhimes addressed and paid homage to such an important organization.

There’s no better time than now.

Since President Trump has taken office, there have been multiple attempts to cut the governments budget in places that directly affect Planned Parenthood. There have been numerous protests, including the Women’s March, to raise awareness of these “skinny budget cuts.”

The fashion industry is woke.

It’s no secret that the fashion industry is filled with a lot of women, so Planned Parenthood is an obvious charity. Designers, brands, and individual influencers have all showed their support of the organization on social media and in donating.

The Council of Fashion Designer of America (CFDA) even launched “Fashion Stands With Planned Parenthood” ca to raise awareness the organization’s centers provide millions of Americans each year.

Time to take a stand.

It’s no surprise that the fashion’s place with this cause has been monumental. During the event, Shondra Rhimes talked about her first experience at a planned parenthood clinic. Hillary Clinton even gave a fiery speech about the care and information we need to determine the “our lives.”

Unintended pregnancy and teen pregnancy is at a all time low in the last 40 years.

Click through to see our fav WOKE fashionistas  wore to the ceremony.


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