Photographer Jason Peterson Talks Shooting Obama To Chance The Rapper

You’ve been up to a lot lately… What type of projects do you oversee at HAVAS?
I have been BUSY. I just got promoted to Creative Chairman of Havas in the USA over seeing Havas’s Chicago & NYC offices, plus the NYC and Boston offices of Arnold. That’s in addition to my passion project The Annex | Chicago, Atlanta and soon NYC.

The biggest challenge about being creative is owning your work and deciding whether to take a corporate path… how do you juggle your roles and responsibilities with HAVAS and your own creative projects?

Only do things you love, there is zero difference between what I do with photography and advertising. Don’t do dumb shit.

Any advice for creatives out there now who are deciding on a creative business path?

Never leave a meeting without saying every single thing in your head. Optimism and passion can get you everything.

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