Photographer Jason Peterson Talks Shooting Obama To Chance The Rapper

How does he even find the time?

At any given time, Jason M Peterson  can be photographing high above the clouds or at Chance the Rapper’s concerts, either way it’s all fun to him. 

How to be a photographer

Jason has shot a wide range of people from Obama’s closing speech in Chicago to
 photos from Chance the Rapper’s Festival featuring Kanye West, Tyler, the Creator and more.
What was the “money shot”? I was set up dead center about 20 feet in front of him. As he started his speech I was listening while looking through my camera as he wiped a tear from his eye. When I realized I got the shot I was crying. I stopped shooting and just took in that moment for a bit.
Jason’s photography can be seen on tee shirts, skateboards, billboards, and even corporate buildings. At Havas, he is in charge of overseeing cool advertising campaigns in Chicago and New York.Within the last year, Jason fully developed and launched an agency, powered by Havas Chicago, called The Annex. The Annex is an influential community of young, creative people from all backgrounds who communicate through music, art, film, lifestyle, sports, fashion, photography and more. Jason handpicks influencers, artists and makers to facilitate experiences – for clients and employees – unlike any other agency.
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