Epic Fail! Pez Easter Egg Hunt Goes Wrong

What happened to the days when Easter eggs hunts were a joyous occasion for youngsters? Thanks to a group rambunctious and, dare I say it, ratchet parents, they are long, long gone.

Over the weekend, PEZ had to abruptly cancel its third annual festivities after adults bum-rushed the field in search of those little oval objects filled with goodies.

Originally organized as three separate events, categorized by age groups, the day was ruined by some overly-eager grown-ups who simply couldn’t wait their turn.

Photo Credit: WFSB

After all was said and done, at least four little munchkins had been knocked over, a couple of baskets had been broken and many tears had fallen.

In a statement, the candy company said, “We made efforts to get everyone something before they left and passed out tons of candy and coupons. Due to the actions of a few, the good intent turned into a mess.”

Correction: “hot mess.” Those children will likely never look at a colored egg the same again. They have now been scarred for life. Way to go, parents. Smh.