How To Personalize Your Social Timeline

Just don’t post pictures, get creative thanks to your favorite celebrities. 

It’s time to get creative. Instagram has been around for years now and that means, it’s time to master the art of a good feed. People just don’t want to come to your page and ‘like’ a blurry picture of what you ate for lunch or view that video of the magician you saw on the subway. Instagram followers want drama, they want major arts.

Basquiat Vibes

Use the tile functionality on Instagram to create multi- dimensional looks with your style shots. A$AP Rocky’s curated Instagram is so much more intriguing to look at when water color and perhaps charcoal are added to his model – rapper shots.

Photo Credit: Asap Rocky Instagram

Create A Custom Border

The Afterlight App has over 100 frames and borders to transform a boring selfie into art.

Word Swag

Be the philosopher you always wanted to be with signature quotes. Use the Pic Lab app to create pretty text and picture images related to your genius “thought of the moment” that you absolutely need to share on your Facebook.

Maintain A Consistent Filter

Even if you don’t use all of the above, using the same filter (s) on every post will go along way in creating a beautiful timeline.