Do People Even Still Shop at Macy’s?

Asking for a friend. 

Macy’s, the department store that took over Strawbridge’s, is shutting down over a 100 stores, but no one shops there anyway. The brand qualities are decreasing by the second and the windows on 34th street in New York City are the only main attraction.

A shopping destination artifact

According to Business Insider, the destination of luxury’s past is shutting down stores because sales and traffic are plummeting by the day. Big surprise!

The department store just can’t keep up with competitively taking over the market for reasonably priced cheap household items. With shoppers becoming addicted to same day and two- day shipping, there’s no way lazy Americans will battle the general rudeness of a department store’s customer service.

“We don’t have our head in the sand…”

Each year, Macy’s sales are dropping more than 5% each year which is resulting in more layoffs than revenue. It’s a pity because the shoe department could really compete with today’s cheap shoe offering. However, it goes without saying that people just don’t want a gigantic department store with over priced bottled water. Millennials want options, but they also want the best and trendiest options.

“We don’t have our head in the sand, as for the significant challenges we face in trying to get the business growing again,” Gennette said. “These challenges are secular and not cyclical.”

We don’t know about you, but I’m not sure we’ll miss the dusty interior of a Macy’s. However, it’s always nice to experience a little nostalgia of shopping in a brick and mortar store. When was the last time you shopped at Macy’s and what did you buy?