Patrick Ewing’s Iconic 33 Hi Retro’s Are Coming Back Out

Colorful high tops for all sneaker personalities. 

Under Ewing Athletics, Hall of Fame basketball player and now Georgetown Basketball Coach Patrick Ewing is releasing a newer version of the classic 33 Hi in various color schemes identified by the brand as “What the.”

Originally released in 2012, the retro 33 Hi sneakers will be sold in a few color schemes including a new knit woven 33 Hi in black and white with a gum sole (see below),  a Jamaica-themed Rogue which pays homage to Patrick Ewing’s native homeland, and newer colors that embodies the brand’s 80s soul.

The launch of the classic basketball sneaker is just in time for Patrick Ewing’s Georgetown takeover, as he has been recently tapped to revamp the school’s basketball team. Many sneaker and basketball enthusiasts are eager to see how the brand does in a new generation of style.

In a crowded athletic market, boutique niche sneaker brands who have once found success in the 80s are now fighting for shelf space based on brand heritage. It’s not just a Adidas and Nike battle. Reebok and Fila have also launched aggressive campaigns that focus on sneakers that were once hits 20 years ago. And this is the case for retired New York Knicks player Patrick Ewing, who released his namesake sneaker brand in the 80s and has since been carving out another identity for his classic sneakers.

And there’s no better time to relaunch the 33 Hi’s in a streetwear culture where colors are very much welcomed in men’s style. Dudes are more open to wearing crazy designs on their shoes and their clothing. Plus, with the basketball legend’s new job title,  it is evident that Patrick Ewing could very much reach a new audience of hype beast sneaker heads who now know him as the guy who’s trying to bring Georgetown back to its glory days, when Iverson was the bomb.

The 33 Hi sneakers are set to be released on April 18, 2017. The will retail for $80 to $150.