Painter Andru Sisson Debuts “Black Privilege” At Los Angeles Gallery

A body of artwork that means something. 

Today, the painter Andru Sisson will debut Black Privilege, a powerful new series of works on paper by at the TAPPAN Atelier in Los Angeles. Now until April 14th, the work will be available at TAPPAN for purchase.

Sisson’s work is characterized by dynamic, gestural lines that depict portraits of figures, each piece unique yet consumed by a personal rhythm and visual language.

“My Subject is Africa, America and Me. In terms of Africa, I depict the history I’ve read and believe to be true; the queens, kings, craftsmens, shamans. But my work also examines the notion of what it feels like to be from an oppressed culture in the United States. I’m American but in America I am “African American” so my work has to also explore what it feels like to be viewed as an alien in a place you call home. That’s the identity element,” says Sisson.

“These works are about a certain state of being, they reflect on the emotional and physical state of being a black painter in America, right now.”  -Andru Sisson

The Artist At Work

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View more of the artist’s work here.