What To Pack For A Work Trip

Congratulations! Your job finally trusts you to spend company funds appropriately enough to send you on an official four day business trip! Easy on the mini bar, keep calm and slay your meetings. 

 After spending months corresponding with colleagues on email, you will finally meet these strangers in person and first looks are everything. Prep your wardrobe for several boardroom meetings, team dinners, and social outings. It is necessary to make a list, then pack and edit based on space and necessity. Need help? We got you. Here’s how to pack for a four day business trip.

Step 1:  Make a list of items you will need based on your itinerary.

This is the most important step in preparing for a work trip. If you don’t know where you are going, then it will be harder to choose the perfect outfits. Take time to review your schedule.  You don’t want to be that colleague the group is always waiting on because you can’t decide whether to wear a skirt or a dress during a break 10 minute break to “freshen up.” 

Step 2:  Pack Your Essential Items First

Based on the aforementioned, get your medium size suitcase out of storage and start to throw in the items on your packing list. At this point, two dresses, a basic pencil skirt, 4 blouses, a cardigan, and a pair of jeans or romper should all be in your bag. Throw in a hand full of panties, 2 bras (one black and one lace) plus back up tights- even if you are traveling in the warmer weather, conference rooms and other big meetings spaces are overly air conditioned.  

Step 3: Leave Room for Beauty Products & Accessories.

Sometimes accessories and hair products have to go in your carry-on and the trick is to bring just enough so you won’t be stuck wearing a hat. Plan out your hairstyles and make your weekly trip to the beauty salon right before your trip. During a business trip,  cut down your hair and makeup prep time by at least twenty minutes. f you are thinking about bringing a blow dryer, flat iron, your own shampoo  and other associated products for the perfect crimp hairstyle, then you are living in a dream world, Stacey! This takes too much time and leaves a lot of space to be late for engagements. 99 percent of us aren’t going on a blogger trip so save the diva mentality for the baecation.

Step 4: Pack Your Shoes In Your Work Bag.

Bring a pair of *comfortable* heels , and a pair of flats, and perhaps a pair of sneakers if you’re into #fitlife. However, at this point you run the risk of bringing a super heavy bag for a 3-second trip.


Step 5: Iron Your Clothes Then fold And Place In Your Luggage

Time and space is of the essence. Ideally, a carry on luggage is perfect for a four day business trip, but overpacking happens. Make sure to iron all your clothes before folding and placing in your bag. By the way, luggage organization is also a thing. It’s good to know that all your undergarments will be in a designated corner or pouch in your bag and easy to find. Although all hotels may have ironing supplies, making sure to pack clean and wrinkle-free garment. Rolling your clothes also helps to create more space in a bag and lessens the appearance of wrinkles.

Step 7: Bring an extra plastic bag.

Bring an extra plastic bag to separate the dirty clothes from the clean ones in your wardrobe.