Our Fav Met Gala Looks Of All Time

The first Monday in May is upon us!

Our favorite Met Gala looks are definitely from last year, because Future and Nas actually showed up!

For anyone who does not know, the MET Gala is an annual party that benefits The Costume Institute. Each year, Anna Wintour and her army of fashionistas choose a theme and designer to showcase for a few months. The Gala takes places on first the Monday in May and each year designers invite their muses to walk the red carpet.

It’s basically fashion’s best dressed crowd.

Last year, Future, Nas and Diddy were invited.

If we had to choose our favorite Beyonce look, it would have to be her 2015 Givenchy ensemble where she sported a flirty side ponytail that reached way up to the gods.

Beyonce wearing Givenchy at 2015 Met Gala

The Costume Institute houses the largest fashion collection in the world and so that requires lots of money to maintain. A ticket to the MET Gala can start at $25,000 but only if Anna Wintour approves. Even if you have the cash, if you’re not on the list, then save your cash for another charity.

Fashion is fine art.

There’s generally no eating or even dancing at the Gala for that matter because the dresses are too damn tight and expensive! This year’s exhibit and gala will be about Designer Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçon called “The Art of the In-Between.” You can bet there will be some interesting interpretations of this theme as the designer is most known for volume, shape and huge outfits (think bubble dresses, big bird dresses).

In honor of the MET Gala, check out our favorite looks

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