You Have a Chanel Bag and No One Cares

They are becoming the new Coach bag. 

Have you noticed that literally everyone in their mom has a Chanel ‘boy flap cross body’ bag? They have become fashion’s most covetable, most aspirational and annoying must-have bag, and no one cares about the Chanel bag anymore. At least not us.

Why do people care about Chanel?

Since the beginning of the 20th century, women have been obsessed with Gabriel ‘Coco’ Chanel products. Even the pearl-suit -wearing-diva herself was surprised about the amount of support and excitement women in Paris wanted to buy her posh hats as a young seamstress. Coco Chanel was simply bored of fashion as it was back then, just like we’re kinda bored with fashion as it is now.

So I digress… in 2017, we’re bored of your quilted Chanel bag and we’re declaring it right here, on this blog, that your Chanel bag does not give you a gold star on style.

That is all…