Obsessing Over Joey Bada$$ Very Mature Men’s Style

A noteworthy poncho, stacked jewelry, fire freestyle, this dude is up to something.

Brooklyn Rapper Joey Bada$$ is on a role with his second album All-Amerikkan Badass which is slated to be one of hip-hops most authentic rap albums due to its rebellious and politically-driven content, however the rapper’s style has evolved into a very mature black bohemia look.

Black Bohemia

Joey Bada$$ recent album is based very much on protest and black struggle. Not surprisingly, the rapper’s style has taken on a much more mature form. Not only is it trend setting but it’s also synonymous to his music.  Take for example his cozy radio interview style. The rapper wore a grey poncho with lots of stackable jewelry, including several big rings and stackable bracelets, along with his signature nose ring. Men’s style these days is going completely dynamic and experimental. Rings and other fun choices are becoming the norm.  The more unique, the better. As Joey’s locks have completely grown at least six inches since his first album, they’ve formed into a style of their own and his fashion choices have followed suit. To be honest, it’s very New York, it’s very Brooklyn.

Pro Era

Since the 22-year-old rapper first came on the scene, he has repped his own label and clothing line Pro Era, which has been seen on political royalty Malia Obama. The controversial selfie leaked in 2015 during the Obama Administration and people of the internet went batshit crazy. It made people all over the world look twice at Pro Era’s influence and unique style that Joey Bada$$ has managed to spearhead with his gritty Brooklyn music.

Check out the rapper’s style from his SSENSE campaign to his album cover shoot style.