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The Soup Crew USA

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As I mentioned in last week’s post, winter is a great time for soup and for giving! In an effort to warm up as many homeless & needy people as possible, I have started a group called The Soup Crew USA.

The group, which is composed mostly of volunteers, is on a mission to disseminate at least 10,000 hot soups across Chicago through the winter months, starting in January. Whether you’re from Chicago or have visited The Windy City, I’m sure that you know that it gets veeeery cold here during the winter!

During this frigid season, our streets are covered with people who are homeless, hungry and in need of a number of basic necessities that you and I are accustomed to having in place. Regardless of financial, social or class “status,” no one should have to go hungry or be cold. We are all in this race together: the human race!

“Giving” and “being of service to others” is at the core of The Soup Crew USA, and we want to start to play our part by providing hot soups twice per week at four locations across Chicago throughout the winter months. In order to reach this goal, we need your help! Click HERE to donate and learn more about us on Twitter and Facebook.

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