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Seasonal Shopping: Winter Foods

Our resident chef shares seasonal shopping tips complete with winter produce.
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With an abundance of snow falling, temperatures plummeting and “cuffing” season in full effect (will it last until summer?), it’s safe to say that winter time is officially here.  Though the holiday season is over, winter still bears many wonderful gifts, including some of my favorite produce items, such as kiwi, leeks and turnips.

Though winter doesn’t give us as much produce as the summer and autumn seasons, the fresh produce that it does give us (mostly root vegetables) are great immune boosters and healers (helping us with common winter ailments such as the flu, a cold, runny nose, etc.).

As we start to substitute our favorite summer and fall offerings of grapes, blueberries and tomatoes with the likes of beets, cauliflower, grapefruit and pomegranates, it’s important to understand why it’s best to do so.  Fruits and vegetables all have their peak seasons and shopping within their cycle can help you receive the best quality product and the best price (when compared to purchasing the same item outside of its peak season).

Yes, within a global economy we can access certain produce items year-round from around the world due to warmer climates and longer growing seasons.  Conversely, getting it from far away not only effects the overall quality, as it may have to be harvested early (not ripe) to account for travel time (all produce doesn’t continue to ripen when harvested), but you also have no idea what the health standards and codes are from where the food is coming.  Due to the decline in available amounts of winter produce, certain produce items are picked in the autumn and stored for winter usage, as they can hold up quite well (quality-wise and nutritionally) over time (apples, pears, carrots, kale, cabbage, spinach, etc.).

During this season, we will highlight a few of these, and provide accompanying recipes to get you and your “cold weather” boo going in the kitchen.  So even during these blustery days upon us in which you stay inside often, enjoy a pomegranate or kiwi (both aphrodisiacs) with your mate…….I bet the cold will be the LAST thing on your mind 😉

NOTE: As it varies from region to region, use this as a GENERAL GUIDE (local lists may be different).

What’s in season/available this winter?

Brussels Sprouts
Sweet potatoes
Winter squash (butternut, spaghetti)

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